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MIRADOR (Lookout)
and NAKBÉ (Houses on the Path):

Mirador is an extremely enduring expedition. It is good to clear up that all the big structures in Mirador are mostly covered up by jungle.

There’s only one full visible stela and the chicleros call it "the mute stela" for all its information has been lost due to the extreme weather conditions and some stelae fragments with glyphs and carvings that can still be appreciated.  The 360° view from Danta Complex, 23 meters higher than Temple IV in Tikal, measuring around 90 meters high, has no match in Mundo Maya.  It is the biggest pyramid (in bulk) in the world.  From there you can see Calakmul, Nakbé, Tintal.  The vast canopy and also the huge Tigre and Monos Complexes can be observed from Danta. The pimienta (allspice) forests and chicozapote or chicle (gum) trees on the way to Mirador are spectacular. On the Sacbé (white road) to Nakbé there's a better chance to observe wildlife.

It is important to note that all of these paths are very much traveled by chicleros so most animals avoid them. Also on the way to Nakbé, there's a long "bajo" (lowland) where one can see beautiful and strange flowers of different types, but mostly orchids and bromeliads. The real magic of this trip lays in listening to the philosophy of life and the day to day stories of our jungle guides whose ancestors lived from the forest, collecting chicle and xate leaves.  Nowadays, they dedicate their efforts to the conservation of these forests through enviromentally friendly activities and through low impact ecotourism.

 This expedition is long and involves delicate (and somewhat expensive) logistics.  It is better if you are part of a 4 to 8 person group if trekking or a ten person maximum group if a helicopter day tour is arranged.

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